Why are there bones in the Sardines and Mackerel?

For optimal nutrition and health benefits, we hand-cut whole sardines and mackerel in our Pure Cravings Mackerel Cutlets in Gravy, Sardine Cutlets in Gravy, and Sardine & Mackerel Cutlets in Gravy. 

You may notice the presence of bones and scales in these products - they are quite soft to begin with, and then when cooked, soften even further. If you want to confirm, try taking a bone and rubbing it between your fingers or with the back of a spoon to see that they crumble apart with little pressure. 

Sardines containing bones and skin are marketed to humans as well, with the same assurance of bone and scale digestibility. In fact, sardine bones contain many nutrients like calcium, which due to the presence of vitamin D in the sardines, is more readily absorbed and utilized by your cats' bodies.

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