Can I cancel, edit, or return my Pure Cravings order?

Please review your order details before submission, including:

  • Shipping address & contact information 
  • Product 
  • Quantity of each product 

Cancel an Order:

We can assist with canceling orders that have not yet shipped.  (Please note that canceling your subscription will not automatically cancel a renewal order once it has processed.) Send us an email at and include "cancel order" in the subject line.

Edit an Order:

If you made an error in your product, e-mail address, or shipping address, we can cancel the order and issue a replacement shipment if your original order has not shipped. (If the cost of your replacement order exceeds the original payment, we can simply cancel the original order.) Send us an email at and include "cancel order" in the subject line.

Return an Order:

We guarantee the quality and condition of our products. As returned products are not resold, refunds are issued only in cases of damage or other quality issues. All returns must be pre-approved.

We are here to help with your concerns. Please reach out to us within 30 days of your delivery and include any related photos (lot code stamps are located on the flip-top can lid). You may use the contact form link below or email us at

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