What if my Pure Cravings items arrive damaged?

In the unlikely event that your order does not arrive in satisfactory condition, please contact us immediately. Please save all product and packing material so that a damage assessment can be made by the carrier and a proper adjustment or refund issued.

Provide a description and photos, if possible, showing any damage to the product (and/or to the shipping box if applicable).

Understandably, we cannot guarantee that all Pure Cavings products will be approved by your furry friend's palate. However, if you feel there is an issue with the quality of a product you've received, please provide:

  • A detailed description of the issue (appearance, etc.)
  • Photo(s) of any visible issues if applicable
  • The lot number/date on the product(s)

Send this information to info@purecravings.com and we'll respond as soon as possible! 

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